EChise System

With the eChise shopping cart solution, you get your products organized by manufacturer, product type, and product model in an easy to use navigation menu. Each product has a detailed description, thumbnail image, and large viewable image. You can have up to 7 product images total to display your products from every angle.  All these variables are completely adjustable by the webmaster as well.  Since VR eChise is an open source product based off of OSCommerce and CRELoaded, it can be customized in features, style, and use for the life of your business.


*EChise support is handled through our online ticket system here.*Our pricing can be tailored to your needs.  Please contact us to get an estimate on taking your business to the next level.  View our packages and read our Getting Started Requirements.

*Wholesale accounts with Vivid Racing are automatically approved for EChise clients.  To receive wholesale pricing, paperwork, etc, please fill out the Wholesale Form Here and signify you have a EChise Website already.

*Data Sync System allows for monthly updates of product information for a fee.  To use the Data Sync clients must use RS Managed Hosting.  Please click here for pricing and information.

*RS Managed Accounts are hosted and supported on The Rohnstein Servers. These servers are designed for speed and performance.  We give you a control panel to manage your email accounts, upload files via FTP, and more.  Get MORE Info here.

*90 Days Support is offered to all clients using one of our eChise packages.  This includes correction of any site issues resulting from the original coding and configuration.  This does not include correction of site issues resulting from modifications being made to the original code and configuration by the client or associates of the client.